Financial Background Checks

Financial Industry Background Screening Made Simple!

Financial Industry Background Screening In the fast-paced and often high-stakes world of finance, trust is paramount. Whether hiring new employees,…

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Volunteer Screening

Volunteer Background Screening for a Safe and Functional Organization

The Importance of Volunteer Screening Volunteering is the backbone of many nonprofit organizations and charitable events. It’s a noble gesture…

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“The Times They Are A-Changin” Marijuana and Pre-employment Drug Testing

While marijuana is still considered a schedule one narcotic by federal law, the national perception has obviously changed. In just…

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Military Court-martial Records Now Included! The complexities of criminal background checks are in large partly due to a compartmentalized structure…

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Man working at computer

Illinois is Ready to Ban the Box! How Will This Effect Employers?

The Illinois Legislature passed the Job Opportunities for Qualified Applicants Act (H.B. 5701) on May 29th which will effectively bar private…

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"Instant Background Checks!" "Same Day Results!" Fastest Turn Around Times Guaranteed!"

FAST Background Checks!  At what point does SPEED compromise ACCURACY?   Many background screening companies (including ours) love to brag…

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SafeScreener PRO is Now Live!

  “Better, Faster, Smarter..Yet Amazingly SIMPLE”. Just when you thought (if you’re one of our clients) that applicant screening couldn’t…

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Who’s in the Driver’s Seat of Your F.C.R.A Compliance?

  Human Resources professionals often make the assumption that their Fair Credit Reporting Act compliance is handled and/or monitored by…

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How Do I Choose the Right Criminal Record Searches for Our Employment Screening Process?

Simply telling an employment screening company that you want a criminal record search as a part of your employment screening…

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Why Do Employers Want to Check my Credit Report?

post by Stacie Smart In today’s tough employment market, employers are turning to credit reports as a tool to sort…

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What Applicants and Employers Should Know About Applicant Background Screening.

Whether you’re a human resources professional or a person searching for employment, it helps to understand what’s taking place during…

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