Volunteer Screening

Why Do You Need Volunteer Background Check Services?

There are many non-profit organizations across America that solely run because millions of volunteering Americans donate their talent and time to causes that are close to their hearts. This makes a positive impact on society as a whole, and without their selfless dedication, all this wouldn’t be possible. But, just because a person claims to help make the world a better place, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should blindly trust him/her.

While we wish that it never happens to your non-profit organization, but we have all heard the stories and the terrible news about self-centered volunteers who are only interested in helping themselves. They seek ways to gain access to resources like people and money for their criminal pursuits. And the reputation of a non-profit is always hanging in the balance; all it takes is one horrible incident to ruin everything.

This is where Volunteer background checks come in. Personally ensuring the identity of each volunteer is an excellent first step, but it can be time-consuming. Having a trusted partner like SafeScreener.com could provide you with legitimate Volunteer background check services and online volunteer screening for churches and park districts. With SafeScreener.com, you can feel confident that the people who have joined your non-profit are solely invested in donating their time and talent to your cause and not just for their personal gain. The next time you need volunteer checks for churches or volunteer screening for park districts, SafeScreener.com is the place to come to.


Volunteer Screening

At  SafeScreener.com, we’ve always made volunteer screening affordable (Starting at just $10.00) and convenient, but with our new release of SafeScreener PRO, we’ve made it downright easy. Along with our applicant-friendly online background check request form, our new “Click and GO!” feature allows you to simply enter the name and email address of the volunteer or employee you wish to screen in order to initiate their background check. The SafeScreener PRO system takes it from there by emailing an “invite” to the individual, which instructs them to click on a secure link and enter all required information pertaining to the background check. We even capture their digital signature so NO PAPERWORK is needed! What does this mean to your organization?

  • A HUGE reduction in paperwork associated with background screening
  • A reduction in data entry time and potential errors from hard to read applications
  • An additional layer of data security for your volunteers or employees, as each applicant’s sensitive data is input directly into our encrypted system for processing.
  • INSTANT results on all searches that are found to have no criminal records associated with the name and date of birth of the applicant.
  • The ability to make batch requests for group or seasonal screenings. (optional)
  • You only pay for the background checks you order, which translates to ZERO account set-up fees, ZERO monthly minimums and ZERO hidden fees.
  • You get an established partner in volunteer and employee screening industry that boasts a 15 year track record of A+ customer service.


Contact us today to have your free volunteer and employee screening account set-up same day. We just know you’re going to love it!