Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening for Landlords, Property Management, and now for Tenants!

blankStand Out with Tenant Self-Screening!
Looking to rent? Distinguish yourself from the bulk of the tenant pool with a  Preferred Tenant Background Check!

Tenant Screening has never been easier! With our “Click and Go!” feature, you, the landlord or property manager, can simply enter the applicant’s name and email address, click send, and go on with your day. Our system automatically sends an email invite to the potential tenant which contains a secure link for them to input the required information for your tenant background screening report. No physical paperwork needed. SafeScreener captures a digital signature on the authorization and disclosure and provides the applicant with a copy and confirmation number. You receive an email notification when the applicant enters their information for the background check, and an email link to the report upon completion. It’s really that simple! Furthermore, you have the option of paying for the report yourself, or having the potential tenant pay for the background check.
Package options include (but are not limited to) the following searches. Click “Send me Pricing” for a full a la cart list.
Instant Credit Reports (available to property management companies and multi-unit landlords)blank
Instant Eviction Histories
Instant Residential History Reports
Instant Nationwide Criminal Database Searches
Instant Nationwide Sex Offender Registry Searches
Instant OFAC, OIG, (Federally and Internationally Restricted Individuals)
County Criminal Record Searches
Liens and Judgments
Employment Verifications
International Criminal, Civil and Employment Verifications available in 250 countries