Why do you need a tenant criminal background check?

You can never be too sure when renting out your property to tenants. What seems on the outside might be completely different on the inside. Therefore, don’t be fooled by appearances and let SafeScreener do a thorough tenant criminal background check for you.

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The benefits of tenant criminal background check

Imagine your new tenants turn out to known criminals and use your property as a safe haven? Sounds alarming, doesn’t it? And because the property is registered to your name, there are chances that you might also get caught up in the cross fire, figuratively speaking, of course.

This is where SafeScreener comes in, all you have to do is enter your tenant’s information, and the software will provide you with a complete, detailed background check, ensuring that your tenants are lawful citizens, having no connection to criminals.

All it takes is one bad decision, and you might end up regretting. Therefore, its better safe than sorry, and SafeScreener will make sure that your commercial or residential property is in good hands.

Preferred tenant background check

Self-screening options are priced at $29, $45, and $49. The key to providing a background check to your future landlord.Tenant Background Screening. Your background screening report will include…

#1 Social Security Number Trace and Validation:

Checks SSN validity and reveals address history and maiden/alias names associated with SSN.

#2 Nationwide Criminal Record & Sex Offender Registry Search

Searches ALL NAMES AND DATE of BIRTH combinations (from the SSN Trace) through our Nationwide Criminal Record Database. This gives you a far more complete picture of criminal records associated with your name or other names linked to your SSN. (Can help identify identity theft!)

Comprised of over 500 Million criminal records from 346 sources including, but not limited to…

50 State Nationwide Sex Offender Registry Search, including Guam and Puerto Rico Sex Offender Registries.

Multiple State, Municipal, Superior Court and Department of Corrections Records updated as available.

100’s of direct county court jurisdictions updated as available.

National and International Terrorist Watch Lists and Multiple Federal Agency “Wanted” Lists.

Please note: While our “National” Criminal Record Databases does contain a great deal of criminal conviction information from hundreds of jurisdictions throughout the 50 states, it is NOT a complete search of all U.S. criminal records in existence. The fact is, there is no complete single source for all criminal records. This is why we pair the National Criminal Database with a local jurisdiction search such as the county search.

#3 County Criminal Conviction Search:

Search for Felony and Misdemeanor convictions directly from the county court of residence.

NY Residents: Please note this county criminal record search does NOT include any of the 13 counties comprising the New York metro area unless the state-mandated New York OCA Fee of $65.00 is approved beforehand.

#4 Bankruptcies, Suits, Liens, Judgments: (Multi-Jurisdiction Database)

Bankruptcies: Reveals bankruptcies filed in the last 10 years.

Suits: Reveals filing information on civil suits from multiple courts such as circuit, district, small claims, chancery, and municipal.

Liens: Reveals claims by secured creditors to property. Common creditors include State, County, and Federal agencies.

Judgments: Reveals final court rulings on civil judgments, judgment notes, default judgments, summary judgments, foreclosures, forcible entry and detainers, divorces, et al.

#5 National Evictions Search:

Summarizes past court actions, prior landlord inquiries, and landlord–reported history. Only National Landlord Check gives you exclusive access to substantial landlord-tenant records, providing critical information not available from credit reports.

Start Now. No subscriptions or account set up needed.

Preferred Tenant Steps

Click on the green start button below. This will take you to our secure data entry screen where you will enter the necessary information for us to process your tenant background check. Follow the prompts to enter the required information, which includes personal identifiers and current address.  Next, you will digitally sign the legally required authorization forms which state that you give us permission to process your background check.  Pay by credit card on the following screen, and you’re done. You will receive a payment receipt via email immediately.

Once completed (about two business days), a secure “link” to your background check will be emailed to you. You may also have a copy sent to your potential landlord. It doesn’t get much easier than that. Click the start button to start your tenant background check now.

Questions?  E-mail us at contact@safescreener.com or call 888-578-8600


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