Employment Screening

Why Do You Need Pre-Employment Background Checks?

Your employees are your biggest assets; that’s why you must make sure that everyone who is working in your company has a clean track record. SafeScreener is here to offer pre-employment screening, applicant screening, compliant employee screening, and restaurant employee screening so you can be sure that your every employee is dedicated to taking your establishment to the next level.

The benefits of pre-employment background checks?

Every organization wants to have a team of professional employees, but sadly most firms hire people without even confirming employee history or even running a background check. This puts the company and other employees at risk as corporate theft is indeed a crime punishable by law. By running pre-employment background checks, HR executives and employers will know what kind of resource they are hiring. They’ll know how loyal and committed an employee is without having to ask them a billion questions.

Another huge benefit is that employees don’t need to provide character certificates as pre-employment background checks will be enough proof of an employee’s background while also making sure that the potential resource isn’t involved in any crime or any other unlawful activities.


blankWith our latest system upgrade to SafeScreener PRO, we’ve raised the bar on all things labeled “user-friendly”. At the same time, we added an abundance of improvements to functionality, compliance and security. One notable feature is guaranteed to save you time and reduce paperwork. Our optional Click and GO!” button allows you to initiate a Employment background check with just a candidate’s name and email address. The SafeScreener PRO system then emails an invite to the applicant, which instructs them to click on a secured link and enter all required information. Additionally, the process captures the candidates digital signature to create a legally compliant electronic release form. This replaces the need to hand out paper authorizations. Along with a huge reduction in paperwork, the Click and GO! method virtually eliminates data entry time and data entry errors from hard to read handwriting. Furthermore, it adds an important layer of data security, as the applicant’s sensitive data is input directly into our encrypted system for processing.

Do you use an Applicant Tracking System? Chances are SafeScreener can plug right into your existing system for seamless data flow with your ATS. If you don’t currently use an ATS, take advantage of our “Instant Application” feature. We’ll turn your existing job application into an online form. Then simply place the link on your website or email it to potential applicants. The applicants will enter their data directly into the online job application, and then sign a digital authorization form. The data flows from the application into a PDF for you to review. Then YOU decide which ones move forward for the background check so you only pay for the ones you select to screen!

SafeScreener.com is designed from top to bottom to make Employment background screening simple. We bring you all the features and automation you need with the backing of LIVE customer services that is eager to assist. No phone mazes and no call centers, guaranteed!

Convenience Features

Additional updates in the SafeScreener PRO applicant screening system include…

Ability for clients to save partially entered reports and finish the request later.
Batch uploading for volume requests. Perfect for recurring screening needs such as periodic Criminal Record Searches or Motor Vehicle Driving Records.

Security and Compliance Features

Advanced Fair Credit Reporting Act compliance features per state rules. In addition to a standard authorization form, “If then” logic (based on applicant’s answers) automatically selects proper authorization text during applicant direct entry in California and New York.
Integrated digital signatures for safe and secure applicant direct data entry.
Upgraded secure login with MFA (multi-factor authentication) to meet new requirements set by credit bureaus and provide the highest level of security to applicant data.
Truncated Social Security Numbers and Dates of Birth on all completed reports.
Applicant copy (per state law, or adverse action requirement) can exclude information that is not required, such as personal and professional reference comments.
IP Restrictions: To limit a users access to office only, office and home, etc.
I-9 and E-Verify fully integrated.