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SafeScreener is no  “here today, gone tomorrow” company.  In fact, our team has been helping companies gather and verify information on candidates for over 15 years! 

In 2004, we set out to make background screening simple and we did just that. Now, hundreds of companies rely on SafeScreener to screen their applicant’s resumes and applications for inaccuracies, embellishments, criminal records and more. 

Over the years, our clients frequently asked for an easier way to bring resumes and applicant information right into the background screening system. To meet this need, we developed an API that allows us to connect with virtually any existing applicant tracking system.

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Our mission is to improve the process of recruiting and screening applicants through the proper balance of technology and personal communication with our clients and their applicants.

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We believe in a work hard play hard philosophy! When we’re not dedicating 100 percent of our focus to our workday, you might just find us getting a workout in on our lunch break.  We enjoy working as a team (or competing against one another) so we try and take on a new team adventure once a month such as zip-lining, go-carting, a 5K run, an escape room, even indoor skydiving!

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