“The Times They Are A-Changin” Marijuana and Pre-employment Drug Testing

While marijuana is still considered a schedule one narcotic by federal law, the national perception has obviously changed. In just…

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Drug Test Delays

Hurry Up And Wait! Drug Testing Delays

Why are drug tests taking so darn long to process? Everyone knows that restaurants and lower-wage employers are seriously understaffed,…

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tenant background checks

Why Tenant Background Checks are Well Worth the Cost

Tenant background screening is a vital part of the rental process. While it can be tempting to get the rent…

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exit interviews

Finding the Value in Conducting Employee Exit Interviews

One of the ways organizations can avoid quick employee turnover is by conducting exit interviews. However, this can often be…

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FCRA Compliance

Our Role and Yours in F.C.R.A Compliance

It truly takes a team effort to comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  Many corporations don’t realize that F.C.R.A….

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applicant background screening - Why Background Checks for Volunteers and Employees of NonProfits Are Necessary

Why Background Checks for Volunteers and Employees of Non-Profits Are Necessary

Millions of people all over the country choose to donate their time and skills to causes that they believe have…

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Men working on laptop in park

Surviving a Background Check: A Job-seeker’s Guide

Goals of this post… To make you (the applicant) far more prepared to answer the questions found on a background…

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Judge's gavel

Illinois Employers Face New Compliance Laws With Senate Bill (SB) 1480

Illinois Senate Bill (SB) 1480 was signed by Governor Pritzker on March 23rd 2021 which amends the Illinois Human Rights…

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Monopoly board closeup

The Real World Includes Background Checks. Help Your Teenagers Prepare!

We spend years teaching our children how to ride bikes, play nice with others, save their money, even establish credit…

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Smart phone closeup

Social Media: To Search, or not to Search?

The internet is a place of self-expression, freedom of speech, and creativity. It’s also a place of intolerance, hate speech,…

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Man swimming in a pool

Continuity is Key! Keep Moving Forward.

Covid-19 Temporary Criminal Record Search Continuity Plan As we are all aware, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way all…

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Woman in mask

Covid-19’s impact on applicant screening services.

Updated 03/23/2020 In these unusual times of the Covid-19 pandemic, every industry will experience unique effects on their daily operations…

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