Financial Industry Background Screening

In the fast-paced and often high-stakes world of finance, trust is paramount. Whether hiring new employees, investing in opportunities, or forming partnerships, the financial industry requires rigorous safeguards to maintain integrity and prevent pitfalls. Background due diligence plays a crucial role in this process by reducing unnecessary risk and ensuring that decisions are based on reliable information. A reputable background screening company can provide the tools to assess individuals joining your team as well as the principal in an investment opportunity.Nationwide Criminal Record Search Graphic

Employee Background Checks.

The foundation of any successful financial firm lies in its workforce. Employees are the backbone of operations, and their actions directly impact the company’s reputation and financial health. Thorough applicant screening must be standardized in the hiring process to ensure that candidates are trustworthy, competent, and free from a history of reckless behavior. Verification of credentials and experience should be performed on all applicants regardless of starting role, as upward movement may occur without an additional background check. This ensures that candidates possess the skills and experience they claim to have, reducing the risk of hiring unqualified or underqualified individuals. Documentation of work history and education should never be obtained directly from a candidate. A true verification is just that. Verified. Which can only take place by retrieving the information from the source it was originally obtained. Beyond credentials and criminal records, understanding a candidate’s reputation and character is crucial. Financial industry background screening should include a “Deep Web Search” to be certain you know what clients or others may find when doing basic research through Google and other web browsers. Easily discovered negative or derogatory information online can damage the reputation of the organization employing the individual.

Investments and Partnerships.

When financial institutions or individual investors consider investing in other businesses, due diligence is critical. The success of an investment often hinges on the integrity and competence of the business’s principals and key executives. Background research can provide a solid assessment of these individuals, uncovering potential risks and ensuring that investments are made with confidence. This is along with, not in place of, expert financial due diligence.

Principal Background Checks: A comprehensive background check of the principals and key executives of a business can reveal important information prior to investing, Key components of principal background checks include…

  • Searching for Criminal records at the County and Federal level.
  • Assessing basic financial stability through records such as civil litigation, tax liens, bankruptcy filings, and credit reports when permissible.
  • Assessing reputation through online research of the individuals and companies they have been directly associated with.
  • Verification of credentials such as professional licenses, education, and positions at previous entities.
  • Researching Regulatory Enforcement Actions, Civil Monetary Penalties (CMP’s), and Cease and Desist Orders through sources such as…
  • FINRA: Financial Industry Regulatory Authority
  • FDIC: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • NCUA: National Credit Union
  • OCC: Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
  • FFIEC: Federal Reserve Board List of Reserve
  • OFAC: Office of Foreign Asset Control
  • SEC: Securities and Exchange Commission
  • OFAC: Specially Designated Nationals List
  • World Bank Listing of Ineligible Firms/Individuals
  • HM Treasury Consolidated List (formerly EU Credit Sector Federation)
  • The Office of Thrift Supervision Enforcement Actions List
  • Office of the Currency Actions List
  • National Credit Union Administration Denied Persons List

By leveraging the services of a reputable background screening company, financial institutions can build a trustworthy and competent workforce, reduce risk in investments, and form more reliable partnerships, ultimately safeguarding their reputation and financial health. Our team of experts utilizes advanced technology and proven methodologies to deliver accurate, timely, and actionable reports. We would love the opportunity to discuss how our services can benefit your firm.

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