Millions of people all over the country choose to donate their time and skills to causes that they believe have a positive impact on the world. Without such selfless devotion, many not for profit organizations wouldn’t be sustainable. However, just because a person is willing to volunteer, doesn’t mean we should assume they have the best intentions.

There have been many unfortunate situations regarding seemingly good people who have volunteered with dishonest intentions. Using the position to gain access to money, people, or other resources. While we hope this would never happen to any not for profit organizations, it only takes one bad apple to put your organization in a negative spotlight. Here, we explore the reasons why it’s important to invest in applicant background screening.

Legal Requirements

Some states and cities have specific regulations regarding the screening processes volunteers need to undergo when applying for certain kinds of work. Always research your local and state regulations to understand the applicant background screening requirements for volunteers. Especially those working with kids or the elderly. Noncompliance can result in facing legal action and steep fines.

Public Safety

Helping and looking out for the less fortunate is why your organization exists, and protecting people’s safety is the most crucial reason for processing background checks on all volunteers and employees. As a responsible nonprofit organization, you need to supply a level of due diligence for the benefit of those you serve as well as your volunteers and employees.


An employee or volunteer embezzling money goes beyond the loss of the actual funds. Donors lose trust if they don’t believe your organization can protect the finances they have contributed to your cause. A public relations nightmare can ensue if an employee or volunteer criminal history of financial crime was easily discoverable yet your team brought them on and allowed them access to accounting functions.

An even more serious problem can occur if a member of your team is discovered to have a history of abuse against children or the elderly. Once again endangering the reputation and perceived competence of your organization.

Taking Accountability

Accountability starts with responsibility. Having a process in-place for screening all volunteers and all employees demonstrates to the public, and those you serve, that you put their interest first.

Protecting Your Future

Don’t wait until your organization is in a legal bind because you waited until something happened before implementing a screening program. Telling a judge you will be screening volunteers or employees moving forward will not go over well in regards to the case at hand. These situations may seem extreme, but they are far more common than most people believe. With applicant background screening packages starting at just $9.00 per applicant, there is little reason not to be proactive.

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