Military Court-martial Records Now Included!

The complexities of criminal background checks are in large partly due to a compartmentalized structure of our courts in the United States. County criminal records are found in a completely separate court system than federal criminal records. Military judicial proceedings create yet another sector of important criminal data that is not easily accessible to the general public, but imperative for risk based decision making.

In our ever improving goal of making background screening simple to employers, non-profits, and property managers, we have added select military court-martial data to our existing Nationwide Criminal Record Databases at NO CHARGE TO OUR CLIENTS.  Rather than sell our clients on another source of data, we’re taking this opportunity to sell our clients on our dedication to providing the most complete and relevant data to protect their organizations and maintain diligent processes.  Military court-martial data will include convictions such as child pornography and indecent acts to false official statements and controlled substance violations.
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