Volunteer Screening

Volunteer Background Screening for a Safe and Functional Organization

The Importance of Volunteer Screening Volunteering is the backbone of many nonprofit organizations and charitable events. It’s a noble gesture…

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California FCA

California’s Revised (FCA) Fair Chance Act: Oct 1 2023

California’s 2018 Fair Chance Act, also known as Assembly Bill 1008 (AB 1008), aimed to reduce employment discrimination against individuals…

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“The Times They Are A-Changin” Marijuana and Pre-employment Drug Testing

While marijuana is still considered a schedule one narcotic by federal law, the national perception has obviously changed. In just…

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Men working on laptop in park

Surviving a Background Check: A Job-seeker’s Guide

Goals of this post… To make you (the applicant) far more prepared to answer the questions found on a background…

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Judge's gavel

Illinois Employers Face New Compliance Laws With Senate Bill (SB) 1480

Illinois Senate Bill (SB) 1480 was signed by Governor Pritzker on March 23rd 2021 which amends the Illinois Human Rights…

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Working filling out form on clipboard


The legal landscape for Human Resource professionals is a constantly changing one. Never make the assumption that your Fair Credit…

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Two women speaking at a table

The Last Word: Finding the Value in Conducting Employee Exit Interviews

  When conducted properly, exit interviews are a valuable tool in determining the best way to improve employee retention and…

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SafeScreener.com Receives A+ Accreditation From the Better Business Bureau

We’re happy to say that receiving an A+ on your report card doesn’t lose any luster after you’ve graduated! The…

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