Applicant Background Checks for Manufacturing Companies made simple!

For over 20 years, SafeScreener has been a trusted partner in providing comprehensive background screening and drug testing services to manufacturing companies. We understand the unique needs of the manufacturing industry and are committed to ensuring you have reliable, safe, and qualified employees.

Why Choose SafeScreener?

SafeScreener has honed its processes to meet the specific demands of manufacturing companies. Our extensive experience ensures that we deliver accurate and timely results, helping you make informed hiring decisions. go green:
  • SafeScreener will make the applicant background screening process paperless and nearly effortless for your team and the applicant using two very simple methods of initiating a background check.
    • Our Quick Link Portal allows you to place a link anywhere on your website or in an existing process, ATS, etc. The secure information entry page will appear for the applicant to enter their data with no action needed by your staff. Example: Start your background check here
    • Our Quick App Email allows any authorized user to initiate a background check by entering just an applicant’s name and email address as seen in this short QuickApp Demo Video.
  • Zero set-up fees, zero monthly fees, and zero minimum requirements to start and maintain a SafeScreener account means you only pay for the background checks we process for you.
  • Keep your compliance on track with our guidance and built-in compliance tools. We help automate State and Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act Compliance by providing…
    • Paperless authorization and disclosure forms for the applicant to digitally sign before the background check.
    • “Active” authorization forms automatically include any required verbiage to comply with the state law where the applicant resides.

Receive tRUE customer support!

  • No call centers and no AI voices to frustrate you when you need assistance. You communicate directly with the experts who are working on your background checks.

Be confident in the security of your data.

  • SafeScreener complies with the PCI DSS and E13PA Compliance. When you or your applicant submits sensitive information via our user interface, your information is protected both online and offline.

At SafeScreener we’ve been making employee background Checks simple and cost effective for over twenty years! Have questions? We’re here to help! Call us anytime at 312-985-5010 x113 or email