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Two Minute History!

The Cook County Court system is one of the largest court systems in the United States with over 1.2 million cases filed each year. The Cook County Court system has its roots in the early years of the county’s history. Initially, the county had a number of separate courts that were responsible for different types of cases. However, as the county grew and its population increased, it became clear that a more centralized court system was needed to ensure that justice was served fairly and1835 Chicago Courthouse efficiently. In 1964, the Illinois State Legislature passed the Judicial Article of the Constitution, which consolidated the various courts in Cook County into a single court system. This new court system, known as the Circuit Court of Cook County, was established to handle all civil and criminal cases in the county. Today, the Circuit Court of Cook County is divided into several different divisions, each of which handles different types of cases. The divisions include the Chancery Division, which handles cases involving equity and domestic relations, the Criminal Division, which handles criminal cases, the Domestic Relations Division, which handles cases involving divorce and child custody, and the Law Division, which handles civil cases. The Cook County Court system has several locations throughout the county, with the Daley Center in downtown Chicago serving as the main courthouse. Other locations include the Markham Courthouse, the Skokie Courthouse, and the Rolling Meadows Courthouse, among others.

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