Introducing Applicant Facts ATS! Applicant tracking made simple!
Applicant tracking software is no longer an advantage limited to the largest corporations. We’ve made it accessible to companies of all sizes starting at just $150 per month. Applicant Facts ATS will save your HR and recruiting team countless hours in their talent search and onboarding process. Guaranteed!

Top 10 Features of Applicant Facts software!

  1. Unlimited users and customizable access levels.
  2. Auto-posting to ALL your favorite job boards.
  3. Job alerts to your own talent network starting with the most qualified talent.
  4. Receive analytics to determine which posts are getting the most traffic.
  5. Real-time new applicant notification and status.
  6. Mobile-ready applications for on the go applicants.
  7. Message candidates directly and easily with time stamps.
  8. Optional video interviewing can personalize the experience for each applicant.
  9. Offer letter generation + documents sent in advance for more efficient onboarding.
  10. Exclusive Hiring Map technology tracks each applicant’s progress.

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